Red Sun Pavillion, Hyde Park, London

Well,  “ necessecity  is the mother of invention” they say  and I suppose this rule can be applied to photography too, in order to post something today, (as I did 2 days ago)  i´m  having to dig around in the archives. I came across this photo that i´d forgotten i´d taken, from last year about this time in London.

Hyde Park is the location, in the  Serpentine  Gallery  Pavillion.  Every  year in the summer, the pavilion is given over to an architect to produce an installation in this great central London park, it has to be something that the general public can enjoy and interact with and  last year it was “The Red Sun Pavillion by the french architect Jean Nouvel.

The Serpentine gallery is well worth a visit at anytime of the year, because they feature photographers as well as painters, and sculpturists, in effect , art in all it´s forms, (i´ve been going there off and on the last 30 years, when i´m in London that is), It is a  truly inspirational gallery! Well worth a visit!

Surprisingly, such a red installation had a very calming effect, not what you would think, I always associate red with rage, but not in this case, but then architects create environments for us to live in or visit and they might have some trade secrets  that we don´t know about, all power to them!

There,  you could buy drinks,  (non-alcoholic) , food,  or just past the time of day  away  with friends. I especially liked the Thai food kitchen, (aah, wish I was back in Thailand)!

I´ll leave the viewer to decide whether the guy in the suit and Homberg  hat is a tourist, homeless ,  or street performer.

When you´re in a major city, you have to choose between being a spectator or an actor, I choose to be a spectator !

Lens used:  Tamron 10-24mm

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