A Rose by any other colour is still a Rose 2011

My wife Silvii, recently adopted a little rose pot plant, so this morning I was just taking some test shots of it, before setting up with the Tripod, when I received a panic call from the missus, she´s in our shop ( Jewellery and Gifts) and can´t cope with the hordes of departing tourists who have arrived en masse to exercise their right to a little retail therapy before they return to their respective homelands  and “can I come and help out”. (Her employee is moving house, so can´t come today).

On Saturdays in front of our shop, is a massive street market ,it´s impossible to park a car anywhere close by, only one option, the bike (since when does a Harley owner need an excuse to take the bike out)!  So RAW files off the camera and on to a memory stick: 12 minutes, Garage to shop via bike: 5 Minutes, Intensive buyer/seller interaction: 1 Hour…..and then nothing, they´re all heading for the airport! At this point, Post Production therapy is required, time to play with some Nik software!  I am now a dedicated follower of Nik´s Silver efex pro and Colour Efex pro!

Roses are beautiful plants, the only downside with them, is well…they´re rosy! (The Spanish word for Pink is Rosa)! So i´m thinking how can I turn this photo into a post without it being so Rosy? One of those not so obviously pinky rose types of post, as opposed to the “got one in my garden”, “when you´ve seen one you´ve seen e´m  all ”, “been there and done it” sort of post!…. Colour efex pro can help, this one done using the Color Stylizer preset.

Silvii  says “seeing as you devote so much of your  time to photography, it´s high time you produced something for the shop and that we could do with some gift cards, gift vouchers, postcards and calendars etc.  Rather than buying crappy stuff  in, that every 2nd shop on the Costa Blanca´s stocks…. It might just work! …..bring on 2012!

Funny though, after having a retail outlet that we´ve  owned  for the last 10 years, it never occurred to me to take advantage of it!  I guess that´s why she actually runs the business and I actually take photo´s of jewellery for the business.

Lens: Canon EF-S 60mm Macro

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