Jumping Spider 2011

Insects are probably the most succesfull  species on our planet. The Arachnids more so than the rest. There are at least 30,000 of their species, ( that we know about)…..They fascinate me, their mechanics seem to defy all that we know about our world.

These  Arachnids,  part of the Aranieda class play an important role in the balance of nature,  by eating other insects.

Jumping Spiders, like this one are short-legged and agile, they are daytime predators and have better eyesight than most invertebrates, they are almost mammal-like in in their alertness and behaviour. They don´t weave webs, rather produce a strand that they use like a mountain climber would use a rope.

This little one, seemed curious  and kept turning to the camera, I had to use the flash, which I felt terrible about, I was worried I might do damage to it´s eyes, however an hour later it was hunting without bumping Into things, so I guess it´s alright.

My book says they are very common in North America and Eurasia, obviously need to update to the Mediterranean as well.

This Arachnid is about 4 or 5 mm long and can can jump  6 or7 times it´s own body length, so it´s a formidable predator, I can´t imagine it´s prey……  to small to see!

When you´ve got six eyes, you need great eyelashes…this one has got them!

Live long and prosper  little Spider!


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