sophie 2011

This is one of those images that you don´t plan or prepare for, i only took it to put in the family photo album.

My daughter Sophie, who loves to pose for her Dad ( she´s getting pretty good behind the camera too, with my old Sony HSC Digital) gave me this look, i just had to record it for the memory books.

I like this image, just for the pose, (well, i would say that would´nt i, being a proud Dad an´all)!

The original image was in colour and taken back in 2009, on a hot August evening . I processed it today in Silver efex pro and painted out the distracting features of the background (let´s face it, no-ones interested in what furniture i´ve got in my living room)!

As i´ve said before, my personal belief is that, going back to old photographs can be quite rewarding, not least, to quantify the learning process we undergo……

Canon 50D, F/5.6, 1/100sec, ISO1600, Focal Length 170mm, Canon 18-200mm,Silver efex Pro, Topaz denoise.

This last month of the summer  (here in the Mediterranean) is a time to rework some older photographs, for me, but i´m looking forward to October and the Autumn on the Med, when the tourists have gone and the beaches are empty, the rain comes and the landscape changes from brown to green, and the dust and haze in the air is gone.

Autumn in the Mediterranean is like spring in the Northern Hemisphere, the heat of the day is gone, the rain comes, the Bugs and plants give it one last burst before the winter puts them to sleep (great for Macro Photography)……and the sunsets are incredible….bring it on!


2 thoughts on “sophie 2011

  1. Adrian (its strange to be writing to another Adrian!), your photographs are great – I’m going to subscribe to your blog.

    But you need to do something about the WordPress problem – because when you sent something – I think it was a “Like” – to my blog, and I clicked on it to see your blog, it took me to the deleted blog >>> which is an especial shame in view of the excellent stuff on your current blog. Adrian

    • Thanks Adrian for subscribing for me that´s an honour as i love your work. I´ll go to the forums too see if i can do something about the deleted blog problem, if you had´nt pointed it out i´d never of known! Adrian

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