21st Century, 2011

Took this earlier on this year in London ,first time i´ve ever seen a big Red London Eye Pod…..wonder what that´s all about, they´re normally Aluminium coloured!
The folks inside seem happy enough though….Hope i don´t upset anyone but, it´ll be a cold day in hell before i step into something so red and so high…i don´t want to ride the big red one, if i can avoid it!
Seriously though, it really has Ridley Scott´s Blade Runner feel to it for me, or perhaps a London bus of the future!
I increased the image size on this to about 5000 px and then cropped in close,bringing it down to a size of about 3000px (600dpi is a size i like to work with,because i like big prints and gives me room to manouver). For the web 1024 is sufficient, i´m happy with that!
canon EOS 50D, F/9, 1/800sec, ISO400, Focal 200mm, Lens: Canon18-200mm,


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