Sierra Bernia 2011

I am compiling a 2011 calender (not for profit on this occasion, more for gifts for friends and family at Christmas).

We may well end up spending more than we normally would do, but what the hell, if you can´t do things for your friends and family once or twice in your life, what can you do!

Calendars are a little bit more durable from a point of view of time…they last for a year or more, big Scented candles don´t….. and they play hell with the coffee table….

The idea is to include one of my images from 2011 to correspond with the month in 2012, which i suppose, is obvious, as no-one has actually been able to physically, go forward in time….at least, no-one i´m aware of ….

Everyone likes wall calenders anyway and everytime we´re in London or Wiesbaden, or wherever, we buy one….. They´re never touched with a pen or marker, they´re just just there to know which day of the week it is.

We been collecting photographic calenders for 6 or 7 years now, it´s a bit like collecting books really, a bit of a passion for us!

My favorite is “Earth From Above 2005” by Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Check this guy´s ariel photo´s out, they´re incredible.

This shot is one of about 40 images i took way back in January 2011 on Sierra Bernia, which, coincidentally (excuse the spelling, been in Spain too long) was one of my first wordpress posts.   I´ve reworked it (for the calendar) using Photoshop, Photomatix,(Tonemapping,) and Colour Efex Pro. I would suggest Photomatix does a better job than HDR Efex Pro, but i´m not an expert, ( I don´t like the presets with HDR Efex Pro, not one of them, but I may grow to like them one day!) However, Colour Efex Pro is essential photo software, i think.

To be honest i can´t remember the lens i used,( it was one of those days)! Could´ve been the Tamron 10-24mm or the Canon 18-200mm. I do remember using my Manfrotto Monopod, however…..I´m not able to get the lens details off the EXIF Data…..sorry!

Canon EOS 50D, F/22, 1/80sec, ISO 100, Focal 18mm,Photoshop,Photomatix,Colour Efex Pro


3 thoughts on “Sierra Bernia 2011

  1. You’ve captured a great cotton wool texture for the clouds there. I’m trying to work out which direction you are facing, it looks like facing in the direction of Javea ?

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