Kenwood House, London 2011

Google Maps: Kenwood House,Hampstead,London

I have´nt posted anything in the last few days as i´ve been taking some time out to update my 500px page and Red bubble pages, also been spending some time sifting through some images for my calendar project. Most importantly though, i´ve been going through some Photoshop Tutorials, the latest being Tonal Mapping. For those of us who are not photoshop experts this site: is well worth checking out.

Being  an amateur photographer and having financial constraints (who does´nt have, in these days of recession). I´m using Elements 9.0 not the full suite. At some time in the New Year, i´m hoping to upgrade to Canon 7D or 5D (have´nt decided which yet, with the 7D I can continue with some of the  lenses I have, as EF-S fit, with the 5D i´m going to have to shell out even more money to take up the shortfall of the EF-S lenses that don´t fit)! So the full suite is out of the question, what with  NIK and Topaz software, the full suite will have to wait!

The camera upgrade is my next  biggest priority. Hope next year is´nt so financially challenging!

I´m glad I´ve done this Tonal Mapping Tutorial in PSE 9.0 it´s another PS string to my bow and not so difficult but I have to say, this image of Kenwood House in Photomatix came out better than my (numerous) attempts in PSE 9.0…..and a lot less work!

I was lucky to get this shot of Kenwood house devoid of the hundreds of other people milling around on a Sunday morning (there´s a great restaurant at the back called the Brew House Café that does the most amazing Sunday Brunch….a little bit of Cholesteral  once a year never hurt anyone)!

This shot was taken earlier on in the year whilst on a long weekend family trip to see the folks back home in London (their home that is, not our´s,we´re on the Mediterranean, thankfully… I need sun,sea,mountains)!

I´m afraid I have no info on this beautifully preserved building as everybody was waiting for me in the Brew House Café….did´nt have time for research! But a google search would reveal all to those who may be interested or contemplating a visit.

Canon 50D, f/16, 1/320sec. ISO400, 10mm

Manfrotto Monopod, Tamron 10-24 Ultra Wide.

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