A red-eyed Sugarfly, 2011

Red- Eyed Monster

Madre Mia, that was heavy, every time you change a theme you have to reconfigure your menus…i´m exhausted!

While preparing my last post, this little fella kept buzzing around, in irritation mode, obviously trying to grab some attention, kept landing on the Halogen, ´til it got too hot for it´s little feet and then jumping off and landing on my keyboard.

I have to say, i´m not a great lover of flies but I am a great lover of the natural world, which is why I did´nt whack this creature into the middle of next week with a fly swatter!

This red eye kept jumping up, trying to fly… failing dismally and then falling back to earth in the most undignified fashion (kept ending up on it´s back)…….Buzzz,buzzz,buzz.

Well, one creatures downfall, is a another creatures upload I suppose!…. Still ,it was a very accommodating little creature , I offered my pen to it and it climbed aboard…..and then promptly fell off and died! (at least I think it did, might of being playing dead of course)!

These flies come about this time every year…there not like the disgusting house flies that land on any food they can find  and lay their eggs, they´re the fruity type looking for the discarded grapes that are rotting in the countryside….. no good for the winemakers, but good for the sugary flies….i  would´nt call them sweeties though!

Canon 50D, Canon EF,-S 60mm,f/5.6, 1/50sec, ISO 800

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