Surface Tension 2011

After months of relentless sun and heat, last night saw a massive downpour  that lasted all night…..what a relief.

I hope it´s a sign of more to come (but not too much, I hope) so the outlying countryside will start changing from

Brown to green…Autumn´s on the way!

Of course it brings it´s own drawbacks as landscape and nature photography require one to get up at the crack of dawn…..can´t wait!

I took an early morning walk along the lane where there are a lot of Aloe Vera. Mother Nature in all her wisdom has bio-designed this plant to make use of every drop of water it can collect, it´s rubbery leaves all migrate to the stem and any water migrates down the leaf to the stem, the texture of the leaf supports surface tension in water droplets perfectly.

This little water droplet (about 5mm in diameter) was the last one on the leaf as all the others had either travelled down the leaf or were evaporated in the early morning sun. I got up close with my Macro 60mm and Giotto Tripod and remote release.

I was´nt able to review the photo  until this evening as I volunteered to man our gift shop today as my daughter Sophie needs to get on with her Valenciano (Regional language) homework and Silvii my wife is  better at it than me!

Details:  Canon EOS 50D and Canon  EF-S 60mm Macro @: F/13, 1/5 Sec. ISO-100, 60mm. Photoshop,Colour Efex Pro Filter: Bi-Color Filters.

A Postscript about the plant Aloe Vera that some people may find interesting: This plant is truly one of nature´s wonderplants, it grows in abundance here in the Mediteranean and has amazing healing properties if used in the right way, I use it for Mosquito and insect bites and it seems to neutralize the effects almost instantaneously, (should´nt be used for open wounds, as it stings like crazy). When I cut a leaf, it may sound a little crazy but I always talk to the plant and tell it how much I appreciate it for giving me it´s healing properties, but that I have to take part of it´s leaf. I don´t know if it understands that but I feel it´s the right thing to do. I only take what I need and never from the same leaf. One third of the leaf is good for many applications if you wrap the cut leaf in Clingfilm-it will last for several days. Always wash your hands after handling this plant!

Squeeze the cut leaf ´til the juice comes out and rub it on the affected area-it will itch for 30 seconds or so-let it, don´t touch it,let it itch, after that, you´ll suffer no more from the bite or sting,¡ if it does´nt work the first time repeat it and it´ll work.

In Southern climes, you can grow it (over many years) in the garden but for Northern climes you´ll need to grow it in a pot in a conservatory or equivalent – it needs Sun, but not watering….just put it outside when it rains-it´s a desert plant! It´s a very  hardy plant but does´nt like snow- it´ll go into a coma if snow lands on it and takes months for it to recover.

9 thoughts on “Surface Tension 2011

    • Thanx Mike,coming from you,it´s a real compliment,just started the journey,long way to go and thanx to everybody for the kind words!

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