A Bug, A Beetle and a Fly 2011

Lygaeus Saxatilis


Autumn has finally arrived here on the Costa Blanca. After a torrential downpour the whole of yesterday  (and more threatened for the weekend) the temperature has descended to comfortable levels and with this mornings Sun, an abundance of insects to photograph.

The red bug (Lygaeus Saxatilis) is a very common bug lives just about everywhere as is of course the Hoverfly, but the Beetle i´ve never seen before and can´t find it in any of my bug books. It was about 5mm long, very small and docile.

Photographing insects in closeup with the Canon 60mm Macro lens, Tripods are a little better than usesless (With flowers I use tripod as much as possible).  With insects you have to get in really close with the 60mm (as well as chasing them around the bush whilst  they try to get away from you)! Which brings me to a recent post by Mike Moruzi ´s blog in search of style about using mirror lockup. I (almost) always use mirror lockup for this kind of handheld closeup photography and for jewellery photography where you have to get as much clear detail as is humanly possible.

Canon 50D, Canon 60mm Macro Handheld. Straight out of the camera,RAW to TIF and then to JPEG 1024px, (for the blog) no Post Production in PS just some  Sharpening and color control in Canon software (DPP).

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