Sophie´s Newest Best friend 2011

Sophie is a miracle for us, we´d never thought it would happen  hoped for a brother or sister, for her but it  just did´nt happen (not for want of trying). So that´s the way it is.Our Sophie is, I suppose one of a kind,( or  kind, in German-means child) and  so she needs something to love (apart from Mum and Dad ).

She has found it with her kitten named Timba , they are inseparable, Timba is Simba and Tigger combined .When the kitten see´s me it runs and hide´s, probably because I i´m not a great lover of domestic animals and they pick up these vibes, I prefer to see animals in the wild.

This little kitty has the most beautiful blue eyes, but i´m afraid, before he becomes an adult, he´s going to be neutered, will have a happier life (would´nt  fancy it myself, but I guess Humans are at the top).Timba gets the chop when Sophie´s at school!

PostScript: Duplex in Color Efex Pro


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