Zulema the Fallas Queen and the Company of Women 2011

What a great Public Holiday (Fiesta), where to start?

Zulema the nine year old daughter of our great friends Juan and Lourdes, had the idea to be a Fallas Queen (Fallas is celebration Valenciano, that i´m not going to get into here,it´ll be ten pages long, you can find out all about it on Google)!

So, anyway all the Dad´s, boyfriends Etc. headed for the bar,( great, less Testosterone) leaving me with the ladies (7 of them), varying in ages from 7 years old (mine) to 50 years old! Never laughed so much in my life!

What with my daughter standing in front of the camera, asking me what i´m doing, to Yolanda deciding to put some lip gloss and mascara on Zulema just as i´m taking the shot, ” Oh, have i ruined the shot” (English translation),we we´re in stitches!

Then we realised the Fallas dress was too short ( it should reach to the floor, this one was like a miniskirt on Zulema, so headshots were the order of the day)! It did´nt fit, buttons poppin´out everywhere and such like, but she perservered like a true Fallera.

We got creative and decided if she kneeled on the floor,the dress would´nt look so short and  no-one would notice! Madre Mia!

Trying to get her to smile after 2 hours was challenging, poor little thing, but this shot is so “Fallas” , i don´t think it came out too bad!

I think with doing portraits, (It´s the first i´ve ever done, not really my thing, i  was badgered into it)!  You´ve got to have a sense of  humour and patience  and not get too stressed out about it.  I´d definately do it again, if the vibes are right!


2 thoughts on “Zulema the Fallas Queen and the Company of Women 2011

  1. Nice framing and posing Adrian – you’re well on your way to portraiture! A suggestion for the next portrait would be to get a bit more light into her eyes and see if you can get a catch light too to make those eyes pop.

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