Red Deer In The Mist 2011

Google Maps: Richmond Park, London, England

I Have´nt posted anything recently ,as i´ve been in London the last week. Naturally I don´t go anywhere without the camera.

Ideally I would´ve liked to have got this shot without the female´s rear end in shot but was rather nervous, and  could´nt spend as much time on the composition as  i´d like due to the fact that it´s the rutting season, these male Deer can be quite dangerous at this time.  A (rather stupid) tourist with a compact camera had been killed the week before by a male Deer , there are signs everywhere telling you not to get too close.

I used my Sigma 70-300mm and  Manfrotto monopod for this shot and was about 30m away, which still felt a little too close for comfort. I Had already planned my escape route and if they chase you off it´s only for a short distance. As I approached him he came towards me and I picked up his vibes which said that this was as close as he was going to let me get! I took the shot and backed off. I took around 250 photo´s of the park so I have some material for the next few posts I think.

This is one of the best preserved parks in England and Deer hunting was the sport of Kings in days gone by and the scene of one of the last great battles of the English civil war so legend has it.

Whilst in England I picked up a great flash unit that can be used off camera wirelessly for around €90.00 i´ve wanted it for awhile now as the forums rate it good for the money but Jessops´don´t export to Spain. The Credit Card did´nt like it very much but CC is slave to me, not the other way ´round!

What with that and my 96 year mother´s emergency Op to remove a blood clot being an outright success (She goes home this afternoon) all in all it´s been a great few days in England.

Canon 50D, Manfrotto Monopod, Sigma DG 70-300mm@300mm,  f/18,  1/200 sec.  ISO400


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