Fuchsia and Bee 2011

My Mother´s  garden has been, for the last 30 years or so, a planned but ordered chaos and a riot of floral colour. Although she has not been able to get out in the garden for several years now, she has always resisted various employed gardeners trying to make it into something like a wannabee designer´s pet project, self serving and ultimately boring, and to ensure that they are gainfully employed for years to come! ( Luckily at 96, my mother still has almost all of her mental faculties intact)!

This Fuchsia is 3 meters tall, been there for years  and able to weather the worst that England´s weather  can throw at it.

It´s nice to look up at the flowers of a Fuschia, rather looking down on them as a pot plant, you get a whole different perspective and the Bees  love them!

Last week saw  some very unseasonally high temperatures for England in October, cold and misty in the morning and the mid  twenties during the rest of the day. This week (luckily i´m in Spain) the Mercury has plunged to single digits all day and Sky News Weather predicts a ground frost for most of England.

Although I miss the Northern European seasons, I can definitely live without temperatures below about  12 degrees centigrade, good for Polar Bears, not good for me!

This shot again, was with the Sigma 70-300mm with Macro facility enabled,hand held. Truth is, it´s not really macro and with minimum focal distance of 1.5 meters,  it´s close- up from a long way off!

This lens works best on a tripod with mirror-lock-up and remote or timer but sometimes you can come up with some good results if everything works right (an earlier post of mine “Drinking Butterfly” was taken with this lens but i´d set the camera to hi speed continuous for that, one of twenty´s going to come out right and Butterflies are off if you get anywhere close to them!

Having said all this, I got this lens for around €100.00 which is´nt an exorbitant price-you´ve just go to learn how to use it, (easier said than done)  but I would´nt get rid of it and it fits on a full frame like a 5D even if it is a 4:5.

Spain is coming into the modern world at last and there are a lot of Camera/Lens rental companies sprouting up in the last year and that´s an interesting development. Of course that requires some  prior research as you´re not going to rent on the off chance of getting a great shot but it´s a start (for me anyway)!

I am determined to master this lens and if that means going out with just this lens attached-so be it, however long it takes!

A little bit of work in Color Efex Pro-a little bit of glow!

Canon 50D, f/5.6, 1/80 sec., ISO 200, 190mm


3 thoughts on “Fuchsia and Bee 2011

    • Thanks Mike for your kind comments,much appreciated, i like what you are doing too, i´ll be checking out yours and Brandons in the next few day´s,playing catch up after England!

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