Misty Morning In Richmond Park 2011

Google maps: Richmond Park, London England

Now that i´m back in Spain, I kind of miss those autumnal misty mornings in England. A Mediterranen autumn is a bit like an English spring!

While hunting for the Red Deer (photographically, not literally), I looked back to this scene and in my mind´s eye, it was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle´s “Hounds of the Baskervilles” (Richmond Park is not the Yorkshire Moors but i´m blessed with a lively imagination)!

I could hear the Stag´s baying for the Hinds (females of the herd) which just added to the overall spookiness of the place!

In my haste to pack up for the trip to England, I neglected to include my  faved  Chiruca Colombian hiking boots, subsequently, after five minutes walking thru the Fern and Bracken in Richmond Park, my feet were soaked to the skin (must do a ToDo list next time)!

I stuck with the Sigma lens all that morning,  as it takes a bit of getting used to (i´ve had it for two or three years but don´t use it often, it´s a great bit of glass, however has lots of clicks and clunks, but apparently normal according to the forums) and I need to find  it´s niche within my photographic experience.

Of course due to the weight and volume constraints that low-cost airlines put on you these days, the mono is not ideal, a tri would´ve been better but i´m not  going to put that in the hold.

Some years back when Sophie was an 18 month old baby, we travelled back from London to Spain and the baby buggy ended up on the other side of the world and we did´nt get it back for two days. The airline to it´s credit delivered it to our door in Spain 2 days later,  but you wonder  how a business that works to such challenging profit margins can ever make any profit whilst making  cock-ups like that, the Tripod stays with me or stays at home!

Fellow PhotoBlogger  Mike Moruzi  insearchofstyle rightly suggested I clone out the Deers bum in the bottom righthand corner, this is quite intricate work in Photoshop which requires some time, so, i´ve cropped in close temporarily, until I can get the clone out right and will re-upload when it´s done.

Canon 50D, Sigma DG 70-300mm,


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