More Eerie Stuff from Richmond Park 2011

I have´nt had much time since I got back from England to review and process the photo´s I took there, as i´ve had to complete the portraits of “ Zulema the Fallas Queen”  including putting together an  Animoto  slideshow, which is now done and dusted with everyone happy including me as i´ve learnt  from it and am hungry to learn more, it´s a medium  i´ve come to like, which I had no interest in before and with the new flash unit I bought in England I now feel a little bit  more confident with it!

T he England trip was an emergency one, that came out of the blue, putting everything on hold but presented some opportunities to further my wildlife photography experience-(much to learn) and  i´m checking out  the forums on Sigma and Canon  teleconverters  but have´nt  made my mind up yet.

This shot, I took on my way out of the park on my way to a little café on the way to my Mum´s house, that serves up a rather nice, high Cholesterol English Breakfast (breakfast is the best meal of the day). The dog was a kind of Boxer cross, all white and I think it´s owner had the same idea as me (breakfast) as he seemed to be in a hurry, the dog not!

I took this with the Sigma 70-300mm and the settings were f/18 @ 1/200 sec, ISO 400 the focal Length 70mm. Originally in color but  converted to B/W in Silver Efex Pro. (i´m afraid I can´t remember the name of the filter).

The original image with tree trunk ,tree and dog was chaos and did´nt work visually at all, so I cropped in close to the bottom right hand quarter taking in part of the tree, most of the tree trunk and the dog. It came out out about  1024 px (roughly) which is perfect for my WP Blog.

P.S. A little note to all fellow photobloggers out there, i´m not a great lover of facebook  (too intrusive and there´s a lot of wierdo´s out there)! I´ve joined up with Google plus, I think it´s got potential- less friends is more and circles is a great idea,  some really good photography ,discussions and  forums  out there- join my circle/friends and i´ll join yours, with your permission. Adrian Harvey!

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