Rainy Day project 2011

We´ve had a lot of (much needed) rain since  Friday and today was intense, so no forays into the wider world or even, the garden today!

This image is of some little cages, about 10mm from top to bottom that we sell in our  jewellery  store in Xalò: to see some images of the store in the gallery go to http://chunkyfunkyshop.wordpress.com, or go to www.chunkyfunkyshop.com , the website is in need of some attention ( hence the jewellery photography)!

Due to it´s design and form, the spiral wire shape is flexible and the idea is you push your own personal healing  stone (or whatever) into the cage and hang it around your neck as a sort of Talisman.

I´ve been making  Silver jewellery  for 20+ years and never thought of this, it´s a great idea, however,  I much prefer taking pictures of jewellery  rather than making it these days (but never turn down a commission). I´m unhappy with the amount of pollutants and chemicals required for making Silver Jewellery  (and the burnt fingertips)!

These were test shots for tommorrow´s shoot, to get some light and exposure levels right but I could´nt resist playing around with them in Color Efex Pro. The filter I used here,  was Infrared Thermal  Camera  which I never thought  i´d ever have use for but it creates an interestingly surreal effect in the right context, (meaning something not readily recognizable). I guess it would work best for a  Graphic Designer rather than photographer – e.g  music album CD sleave design Etc.

My only bugbear with this image  is that, using this filter i have lost some of the finer detail on the image, could be the filter or equally could be me!

Canon 50D, Canon EF-S 60mm Macro,  f/11,  1/10 sec.  ISO 100,  Color Efex Pro: Infrared Thermal Camera Filter.


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