Digital Infrared Photography Project 2011


Todays post is inspired by two blogs, an article in a magazine and a Color Efex Pro Filter.

To start with the blogs:  Adrian Lewis´s post today about his three Rules of photography really jell with me, the last rule especially, you´ll find it -definitely worth a read if your into photography!

The second is really great examples of Infrared photography (filters).

The third is Digital Photographer´s magazine (love it) article on Infrared Photography: issue 108.

It has a great article on how to convert an old or unused digital camera to take infrared photo´s, (that´s a one way street and there´s no going back, according to this article, once converted you can´t convert it back), I sold my 400D a while back to finance lenses and equipment, so the only alternative for me is using the software.

Which brings me to the fourth level of inspiration: Color Efex Pro´s Infrared Camera Filter, it does a good job of it but i´m a little bit disappointed with the end effect in relation too sharpness Etc. The original was beautifully sharp,crisp and clear but after running it thru Color Efex Pro it lost something on the way, I don´t think it´s me (but I can´t be sure) maybe it needs a dedicated plugin like Tiffen´s Dfx (

This is a new style of photography for me, so it´s probably worth Googling IR Photography for those might be interested in seeing great examples.

This image originally was: Canon EOS 50D, f/25, 1/25 sec, ISO 100.


5 thoughts on “Digital Infrared Photography Project 2011

  1. I can’t get my head around the Color Efex Pro filter. It produces such odd looking results for me. That said, your top shot is pretty cool looking. I also thought to try the IR conversion on an old camera, but I gave it away before getting around to it.

  2. What a coincidence! I have been eyeing infrared styles lately too. I have an old XT I have thought about converting. But honestly, I’ve looked at DSLR converted camera and their images, and have seen some done manually through software…and the results are a toss-up. Close enough to where I don’t want to hem a camera into one area. I agree with Mike on the strangeness of the Color Efex filter. As for the posted above, I love the lower tones as it has that glowing otherworldly look.

    • Yeah, on reflection, you and Mike might be right, Color Efex Pro just does´nt cut it with this filter too well, i guess if you´ve got the right image it´s effective, if not, it´s crap-period! I´m beginning to see that the use of fx Filters are more about having balanced eye rather than an unbalanced mouse! When first discovering HDR for example, i went totally overboard (so much so, i backed away from it). But your recent posts demonstrate that correct use can enhance an image rather than shoot it down in flames! I like IR Camera imagery but i´m not going to get into it in a big way and perhaps i have to plan for it rather than picking something from the hardrive and hoping it works! And yes i agree with you, why to hem a camera or indeed a mental process into one area! Thanx to both you and Mike for the perspective, it´s much appreciated! Adrian

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