Color Efex Pro´s IR Thermal Camera Filter 2011

Today´s post is inspired by two of my favorite ( of many) fellow bloggers observations and one photo bloggers “Law of” that I discovered out there on Google.

The first is Adrian Lewis´s post:  “Woman with her  Eyes Closed” it may break the photographic rules (not for me) but does´nt break the law, so you´re not going to be exiled to Devils Island for doing what pleases you photographically speaking!

Second is: Brandon Brasseux´s excellent post:  ” Colors on the Palette”  I was elated at reading this post as I suddenly  felt that I was´nt someone outside the mainstream, and  by implication “not worthy” (of serious photography)! I´m not alone! There are others that feel the same as I do,(and Vice Versa)  It´s a bit like the stupid argument about Canon is better than Nikon,Olympus ,Sony or Pentax or vice versa, creativity is pro-action, negativity is in-action!

Something i´ve learnt coming from an art background (my mother and sister are/were painters, my  father was a musician) and I have spent the last 20 or so years making jewellery (although photography is now my passion).

Photography is an art form that continually pushes the boundaries, is constantly changing and evolving and art and technology are in cohesion  not the other way round. As Brandon so eloquently  points out!

The third is: a “law” not actually a law, more a law of the obvious when you think about it. I picked this up on the web while someone mentioned photographer Joe Faraces (don´t know his work but his law seems to make sense to me)  “ all effects are subject dependant”  In other words you can´t pull something off your desktop and expect it to work, filter wise, you have to understand which filter works for what type of photograph. And to that end i´m going to go thru all of Color Efex Pro´s filter, ( or other software) until I can get to a point where I take a shot, can look at it satisfied, but then say “ well this or that filter ,would work great with  this photograph”. I guess like all photography it´s about filing the details away in the “head Locker”.

So this photo is not about posting something for the sake of it ( been very busy with the Townhouse Rental Bog).

It´s the good old Cape Daisy, with Thermal Camera Filter,makes me think of a burning  Asteroid or something like that in outer space, hope it does´nt make landfall!


3 thoughts on “Color Efex Pro´s IR Thermal Camera Filter 2011

  1. When it first hit the screen, I simply went “whoooaaa.” I will admit, I have never found a use for that filter in Color Efex, but I also didn’t give it a go on flower subjects. Awesome idea! That inner orange glow with the blue is spot on. I guess I know what I’ll be messing with when I’m done dabbling with the IR styles. Great post, and thanks for the compliment. This kind of workshopping is one of the chief reasons I jumped into photobloggin’. Cheers.

  2. Beautiful picture, Adrian, really like an illuminated gem. And thanks for the mention too!

    I don’t know about getting to grips with what all of the Efex filters do – for me, when faced with a photographable scene, I just seem to get a gut feeling that its good – either outright or after post-capture work. Of course all my gut feelings don’t always work >>> so then great gratitude for the Del button!


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