Solitude In A Misty Wood.

For me there is nothing  quite  so spiritual as a solitary walk through a natural wood or Forest. The absence of  a seven year old daughter crashing through the undergrowth is one of life´s little pleasure´s.

A  seven  year-old daughter crashing through  an adventure  park, on the other hand  is something  altogether different, (they call it Dad/Daughter bonding ) and just goes to prove that everything in life has it´s own little niche!

I took this shot earlier this month whilst on a trip to London, the place was Richmond Park very early in the morning.  A  misty and autumnal day, I was  looking for rutting Deer  to photograph. The serenity of the place was amazing.

I applied Color Efex Pro 2.0´s IR Film filter to this but to be honest,  this is not NIK Software´s  finest moment (Color Efex Pro  4,0 may well have addressed the limited capabilities of CEP 2, I have´nt checked it out, as i´ll only end up wanting it)!

At  this point I feel that I really should give out a shout to Digital Darkroom Techniques´ blog on wordpress, check out Brandon Brasseaux´s  Tutorial  on IR Effects in Photoshop.

I´m an Elements 10 user , which does´nt have the Channel Mixer, so i´m not able to do it in Elements but  i´m sure there´s a way around it. My finances don´t stretch to Photoshop CS, what with lenses, accessories and the like, so  i´m reliant on other software, though you could argue that it´s a false economy.  Presets are less work but may be less rewarding.

While you´re at Digital Darkroom Techniques, you might want to check out  Emily Gooch´s post on the devastation caused by not backing up files, (been there and done it ), as i´m sure everyone has!  (My wife thinks i´m paranoid for backing up to a 1 TB External Hardrive, a Flash drive and Adobe´s  online storage, but she´s the one who loses something  forever once a month, not me)!

Mike Moruzi´s Tutorial on composite images looks interesting  too, again it´s Photoshop and i´ll have to see if it can be applied to Elements 10.

Shot details:

Canon 50D, f/11, 1/100sec. ISO 400, 70mm


11 thoughts on “Solitude In A Misty Wood.

  1. Hi Adrian, thanks for the shout out for the new blog! We’re hoping it gets some loyal followers and contributors. While I don’t have PSE 10, I am a long-term user of PSE. I’m currently on v9 and I’m happy to tell you that layers are a capability that PSE offers. After a first look, it seems like the exact same approach would work. I’ll have a look at it this weekend and see if any edits need to be made to the tutorial to make it compatible with PSE9.

    Lovely image today. I really like the cyan and purple tones together. I also like how the purple is mostly in the foreground with the cyan highlighting the background. Really gives the image depth.

    • Yeah Mike, up until a few weeks ago i was on PSE 7 and was able to complete some tasks you suggested to me on some earlier posts, so i´m sure PSE 10 has a way (albeit a ´round about way ) to get to the same end. I was searching about google today and came across a review about PSE 10 Vs CS5, the Channel Mixer was a central theme in the review, so it is obviously something fellow Photoshop users think about, the review had a text tutorial about how you can create the same as the Channel Mixer via a more obscure route, so it can be done-i´ve just got to get my head around it .I personally think it would be better that bloggers like me do the research and then point you guy´s in the right direction,via comments and you moderate rather than you spending time searching around for solutions for us- that way we can all contribute too! I don´t know if you use Canon´s dedicated software Digital Photo Professional, ( i use RAW to TIFF before opening in PSE) and i´ve noticed many new photographers asking about DPP ,so perhaps i could contribute on this subject in the future, anyway if i get this together (in the near future) i´ll send it to DDT for moderation. I´ve had some real good comment feedback about DDT, so you guy´s (and Gal´s) are on the right track.

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