The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly Everywhere

So  we´ve been on flood alert,  Level  Orange, down here in Spain, about  150 L/ph, which is a lot of water to contend with. Nothing more comical than watching the locals go about their business with their Gum Boots on.

Three days of torrential rain to rival that which you get in Asia during the Monsoon season plays hell with local businesses  ( We knew the rains were coming,  so  Silvia had the forthought  to get some umbrellas in, needless to say we sold out on Saturday)!

Today, a respite, the storm is passing out into the Mediterranean.  I would´nt  fancy being on the trawlers tonight.

This shot is of the local creek that normally is about a meter wide at it´s widest  and  40cm deep and runs underneath the road.  Not so today. As I have mentioned on an earlier post, i´m trying to get conversant with Color Efex Pro´s Filters so that I can (hopefully) know instinctively, which filter will work for which ever  scene I take.

The photographic law of effects seems to me,  to have raised it´s head above the parapet again here, “photographic effects are subject dependant”.  If i´ve taken this  shot from this angle in the same place 10 times i´ve done it a hundred and each time it´s been mediocre at best, but I like it with this filter applied, I like the tones and with the ND4 filter attached to slow down the action of the water  I think it´s quite passable.

I am also quite happy that this was a grip shot, (Tri and Mono left at home). The well placed knee and  breathing out whilst taking the shot actually works!

I have my battery pack permanently attached now, as I prefer a heavy camera for hand control. Making smaller and lighter DSLR´s for me is a backward step and I suspect that these new compact camera´s with interchangeable lenses are great for the cool factor but not much good for serious photography, except may´be as a back up for professionals  if thing´s go wrong, I just can´t see the point of them, if you´re  gonna have all this gear you may as well have a DSLR!

The battery pack I have, cost about €30.00 on Amazon  and comes with a wireless remote shutter release, I t´s probably made in China but it has never let me down to this day. With my cable release, just the swinging around of the cable can move the camera slightly whilst on a Tripod, even in the studio, doing product photography with no wind or external forces in play. So, thought for the day:  Cable shutter release, mirror lock-up and don´t move a muscle!

Canon 50D, f22, 1/13sec, ISO 100 Focal: 20mm, Canon 18-200mm, Hoya ND4 Filter. Color Efex Pro Midnight filter.


One thought on “The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly Everywhere

  1. This is an interesting image. I’ve tried the midnight filter before, but never found an image it works on. It seems to work on this one. I like the green and brown tones and I like the softening from the filter combined with the long exposure of the water flowing.

    So, what sort of battery pack did you get for a Canon off Amazon for 30 euros?

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