A Wrench Made In China, An Acorn Made In Spain

I´ve been at  the townhouse this morning doing some minor repairs before the next guests come, so have´nt been able to get out in the field with the camera, so it´s more studio work for me this evening.

I´d left one of Sophie´s Acorns from last night and a wrench, that I,d been using earlier, on the studio plinth  so I figure, that´s what I have to work with tonight so i´m keeping  it simple and minimalistic.

I turned all the lights out and used a long exposure of 15 seconds whilst illuminating the subject with the LED torch on my mobile phone, as i wanted more ambient lighting rather than the harsh white studio lights.

The camera was Tripod  mounted with the battery grip attached in order to be able to trigger the shutter remotely using the IR remote shutter release. The IR remote only has one button so it made more sense to use that rather than fiddle around in the dark with Timers etc. Also I had to keep the light source as still as possible so less multi-tasking for me.The lens was my good old 60mm Macro.

What I love about macro or closeup photography is, you never really know what´s going to be the end result of it until you retrieve the files from the camera, the macro sees more than the human eye in realtime, so I was quite amused to see what looks like the Acorn´s natural corporate logo on the side. I did´nt notice it when setting the Acorn in the jaws of the wrench. It´s in stark contrast to the industrial “Made in China” mark on the wrench.

I had toyed with the idea of converting to black and white but decided against it because I don´t think there would´ve been a clear distinction between the colour of the wrench and the shadows and besides I like the colour of oxidized iron!

The background is stiff(ish) white card which is naturally quite grainy with fibre texture which is picked up at f/18. I applied Color Efex Pro´s Vignette Blur filter to it.

I think the wrench is going to be the subject of a series of three posts at varying degrees of magnification, we´ll have to see but in any case tomorrow is another day, good to look at things with fresh eyes!

Canon 50D, Canon EF-S 60mm Macro,  f18, 15 sec, ISO 100, Colour Efex Pro Vignette Blur filter.


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