Macro Mechanics

I´ve always been intrigued by the word Macro, in photography it´s the world we can´t see with the human eye ,the world of insects and small creatures  but it also describes the world of huge mechanical or architectural man made structures.

In my early twenties as a welder I lived in Hamburg and worked in a cement factory. I don´t know about these days, but way back then, making cement was simply pulverizing  the raw ingredients in a huge rotating steel cylinder ,similar to a jewellery  makers tumbler polisher but on a massive scale. The cylinder was about the size of a small sized Airbus fuselage with thick steel plates lining the inside and 1/3  filled with steel balls, each weighing about 10 kilos or more and a little bit smaller than a bowling ball. My welding team had to enter these and reweld the protective plates, lining the inside. It was an extremely dangerous job, as somebody inadvertently pressing the start button with crew inside and the cylinder rotating just one meter, would´ve  resulted  in the most horrible crushing death of all inside. The money was great though, needless to say)!

The cylinder in this shot is the adjuster  from an adjustable wrench, but it looked just like the rotating cylinder in Hamburg (it was reinforced with steel ribs on the outside), and imagine, if you can, men entering this cylinder via a small hatch at one end, to do their work.

Who´d  have thought that such a familiar object  that we´ve all used at some time or other, could have such texture, colour and symmetry.

I applied some Tonal Mapping to this using Photomatix to bring out some detail, colour and texture.

Canon 50D, Canon EF-S 60mm Macro, f/25, 20sec, ISO 100, LED lit, Photomatix Tonal mapping.

P.S gotta give a shout out to: Real Fiction Studios you´ll find them here


4 thoughts on “Macro Mechanics

  1. If you didn’t tell me it was the cylinder of an adjustable wrench, I probably would have never guessed. And I think that is testament to your ideas on macro. Well done. Really like the silvery highlights.

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