Up in The Trees

This becomes there blog (Brandon Brasseaux)  took a nice shot of  trees ,from below, which I thought was wicked,  as it is very difficult to get all the detail with this kind of shot because the light from the sun would normally cause some problems, if you look at the image all the detail is there, quite  difficult to do! See it here.

I took this in England about I month ago, i´ve included the amputation (tree on the left that does´nt look like a tree, looks like a log stuck in the ground, because it does´nt  have branches or leaves) as a stark reminder that trees also succumb to viruses and disease.

I guess the tree doctors of today are like the surgeons of the 18th Century, if it´s infected, lop it off! A little bit brutal although well meaning!

This one SOOC, no filters Pshop or anything!


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