She´s Got An Eye For It

My  little Sophie (all of seven years old) is very comfortable in front of a camera, well she should be by now, as dad has been taking  photo´s of her since she was born (like all dad´s). So when this dad upgraded to the 400D and then the 50D, naturally,  proud dad is going to let Sophie have the Sony HSC Digital!

She´s quite good behind a camera for a seven year old, I would hope she takes up photography as a an art or profession but seven years old is a bit early to know what they´re going to do in later life. She decides not me (but i´d be quite chuffed  if she took it up,because I think photography and art has  got a big, big future, browsing  wordpress proves that)!

The card was full and she asked me to put all the images on her computer (a very,very old Compaq laptop running XP). Dutifully I did and came across this image, I don´t know if this was intended or not on her part but I thought it great, my only contribution was to add a Silver Efex Pro filter to it, so I can only take 5% credit for it.

My twin sister and I attended a Montessori school and I think may´be Sophie should do the same…..some lateral thinking would´nt be amiss here as my mobile phone photo testifies….Building with French fries…..definately lateral thinking!


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