Pony Encounters Of The Misty Kind

A month or so ago I was in London, I stayed at my mothers house in the small suburb called East Sheen, very close by is a beautiful park called Richmond Park. The house was empty (felt a bit weird)  as my mother was recovering in hospital from an operation. My mother has a thing about curtains…..there are´nt  any!  So naturally, with the first light of day and the dawn chorus (about 6am) I awoke to an extremely misty morning…… Perfect for that moody kind of photography  that London in Autumn and Winter is so good for. (You may or may not have seen some earlier posts on this blog of Richmond Park taken the same day).

A quick cup of tea and the Lowepro slung tight and snug on my back for the ten minute walk to the park…..yeah right…. with DSLR, battery pack, several lenses and a monopod you get slowed right down…took 20 minutes and that just to the park gates.  I could´ve taken mum´s car but the English insist on driving on the wrong  side of the road, so having only just flown in from Spain the night before, I did´nt  feel comfortable with it and a bright green Nissan Micra play´s hell with the street cred!

I just got into the park when these two ponies passed by with their riders deep in conversation, they did´nt notice me (probably due to the mist and that they were about 20 meters away)

My camera was still packed away, so I had to fight to get it out in time and do some quick setting changes to get the shot before they disappeared into the mist.

They were having an interesting conversation to say the least and it was hard to tell what their relationship was, friends, lovers or a couple?  Somehow the mist seemed to bounce the conversation back to my direction like a giant amplifier. The next minute they were gone, swallowed up by the mist, as if that moment in time had never really existed….disappeared without  a trace!

I like this shot because there seemed to be no sense of purpose to it, no ultimate destination, nothing to indicate where they´re going, no landmarks…nothing,  just a conversation, two people, two ponies, moving forward but slowly blending into the misty morning.

2 thoughts on “Pony Encounters Of The Misty Kind

  1. Nice shot – love the morning mist. We don’t get the morning fogs here at all, but with winter just around the corner, there should be lots of opportunities for blowing snow shots – which is kind of close to mist…

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