There´s A Ghost In My House…..



No serious photography until Sunday morning as I think I may have found something  worth trying, weather permitting.

Todays photograph is obviously not a ghost but my daughter´s lounging- about-on-the-sofa-while-watching-T.V. blanket.Product photography is getting a little tedious today, so I broke away from it and clicked this off. The blanket is one of those super-soft fleece ones that create weird shapes and forms when scrunched up. The sofa is dark grey, so I created an adjustment layer in photoshop and adjusted the background levels using the magic wand then de-saturated a little and applied Color Effex Pro´s Midnight filter, I unintentionally  flipped the image vertical and decided I liked it that way, i´d better not let my daughter see this though, she´ll have nightmares…..

Canon 50D, Jessops 360AFDC Flash unit, Canon EF-S 18-200mm@ 50mm, f/9, 1/40sec,ISO 400,Color Efex Pro Midnight filter.


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