Wild Hogs

Today´s  post is nothing to do with photography but it is inspired by a blog I have recently subscribed to here on wordpress,click here to see it

To open oneself to the world, even in a few short  words  takes a lot of courage and deserves much credit, the last post is beautiful, courageous  and candid!…… That we could all be this way!

So i´m going to post something close to my heart, which is my bike, just the once, i´ll never do it again, it is my passion but not a way of life, Photography is, however,  on both counts!

It is sometimes good to step back and put the photography to bed for a day or two and contemplate on the other things in life, family,friends,health,watching your kids grow up Etc.

I´ve had the good news that my Milwaukee Iron will be ready to ride out of the workshop in a few days time (after waiting 6 weeks for a tune-up and  a part from Madrid that would probably have taken  half the time to come from  Milwaukee) ! I Can´t wait to open the throttle a little bit!

You may be wondering about the title for this post, it is only because this is (to me anyway, a hilarious film, i´m going to watch it tonite)  it is s our Harley crew …… every single one of the actors in this film is ….us, it is our crew, we don´t wear  leather jackets with the sleeves cut off with patches on our backs, we´re not homophobic, we don´t belong to anything , we just the love of the greatest motorcycles  ever built!


Right On!


One thought on “Wild Hogs

  1. Nice photo. I like the little glints of sunshine reflecting back on the chrome. Who ever said all our posts had to be just about photography? I stray off photography so often, I may not be able to call my blog a photography blog. Good thing I actually include pictures, otherwise there might be some doubt!

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