Firefly Hair Salon, Hampton England



A shot of my closest buddy Marks´ hair salon at Hampton Court just outside London England, it was taken sometime after client  kickin´out time about a year ago.

I met Mark many moons ago when I joined the stage crew of Richmond theatre and we hit it off immediately, that was a long time ago but we are close still after all these years. I stay with him and his family when i´m in the U.K

I recall much experimentation on Mark´s part, cutting designs into my closely cropped hair when it was the fashion back then, they always came out well!

Thing´s have moved on a lot since then, not least me moving to Spain. Mark has his two remarkable girls one of who is all grown up and producing her own music video´s, the younger on the cusp of the next big step in her life but very much nose to the grindstone before, (I presume Uni).

The band is still going strong, this time an eight piece but i´m only ever in the U.K for such short times I never get to see them!

This shot was a challenge as it was handheld in fairly lowlight conditions, hence the mega  ISO of 1600. But i´m not unhappy with it. The lens distortion due to the ultra-wide Tamron 10-24 does´nt  hurt the image from my point of view, ( not everyone may agree with that) as the line of the chairs on either side take you to the main windows to the street outside and the mirrors on each side give a slightly different perspective of the interior of the salon, a bit like photographs within a photograph.

Although this was shot in B+W I treated it to Color Efex Pro´s Bi Color User Defined filter as the lighting seemed to be all at the top of the image, the darker to the bottom and the adjustments in this filter were really minimal.

Although I like Silver Efex Pro (but by no means an expert with it) I think I would prefer to experiment with capture in B+W then treat in Color Efex Pro rather than the other way ´round. I just think with CEP there are more possibilities,whether monochrome or color……. just a personal thing.

Canon 50D, Tamron 10-24mm @ 10mm, f3/5, 1/10sec, ISO 1600. Manual

A Post Script: Has anyone noticed some changes to adding media on wordpress, i wish they would warn us before changing thing´s around, plays hell with my “established norms” headspace, Madre Mia!!!



5 thoughts on “Firefly Hair Salon, Hampton England

  1. The smooth wood floor really draws me into this one. I’m not sure what kind of car that is out the window, but the tail end has a vintage car fell from the 30s. That rocks for this photo for me as it gives it a subtle old gangster film feel to it.

  2. Good picture, Adrian >>> and, yes, I wish WordPress would warn us when making alterations to their interface >>> eg the FATman Photos name in the dark, top bar on the page is now right next to “Follow” >>> so several times I’ve ended up following myself! But, good image! (The Other) Adrian

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