A Quiet Place For Contemplation

An early morning walk along the riverbed brought me to one of my favorite spots. Today is a general election in Spain (we´re not eligible to vote as we´re European citizens not Spanish citizens and in any case, it does´nt matter who get´s in power they all seem to make the same mistakes)!

Whilst happily clicking away at the scene in front of me it dawned on me that absolutely nothing is going to change, so it´s quite nice to know that a year from now,i have a nice quiet place to contemplate on how nothing has changed from the year before!

It´s a bit like the mountain in the background that is known as “The Caballo Verde” or  Green Horse, it´s been here for a very long time and has´nt changed since the Moors arrived at these shores.They brought with them a legend that when they saw a sign of a horse in this land they would have found their promised land. They saw this mountain as a horse lying down with a saddle on it´s back and settled here creating a thriving civilization where Jews,Christians and Muslims lived in peace, prosperity and harmony for 700 years……until El Cid came along and dropped a spanner in the works!

Canon 50D, Canon EF-S 60mm, f/32, 1/10 sec,


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