Close Down The TV And Open Up Photoshop…. Or how I Came To Love The Black Hole

As you may have guessed by now, i´m not a great lover of TV, news channels is about all I watch and Nat Geo and Discovery. News channels are basically that …news and generally all bad news at that.

For me closing down the TV and opening Photoshop is a way of de-numbing my brain!

I got to thinking, what if our  world was being slowly sucked into a Black Hole and we had a year to prepare for the next Universal/Spatial /time/evolutionary jump,(or something like that), would we all forget our differences, stop fussin´and fightin´ with each other, pull together and prepare ourselves for the new thing to come?

Who knows, but what if…….

In the meantime this is what I think a Black Hole might look like, sure hope we don´t go there…….


4 thoughts on “Close Down The TV And Open Up Photoshop…. Or how I Came To Love The Black Hole

    • Nope, a close up of a cape daisy,solarized in CEP then an a layer or two added, one overlay (the black disk in the centre with the shape tool, etc.etc. not too happy with it myself, the disk with opacity just does´nt quite work right, any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

  1. Adrian, I am 101% with you as regards TV – most of it is really dreadful trash and I have great difficulty in imagining how people can bear to watch it, >>> although there are a >>>few<<< programmes about the arts and history, which I enjoy a lot. But like you, yes, get into the photo editor (in my case Nikon's Capture NX2 and the (much mentioned!) SEP) and I'm flying (or, at least, just about winging the hedge tops …)! Adrian

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