I´m not too well up on Geology so i don´t know what this type of rock is, it´s obviously soft and susceptible to water erosion. The river has made lots of nooks and crannies (a good pair of walking boots will save twisted and broken ankles here). There is a tide or water line  that goes back years and the sun has bleached the exposed rock.

I have a friend that passes by every day with his walking stick, Salvador is about in his Seventies I guess, he stops me in the street and he tells me about all the times when he was young, how the river was full of water and how he used to swim in it as a young boy, a lovely old guy who always has the time of day for everybody.

He goes for  his litre of wine once a week from the Bodega, “bien para el motor” or rough translation, good for the motor(Heart) and always he tries to get me to have a sluck, but at 11:00 am in the morning you gotta be joking, it´s a game we play, he´s a lovely old boy! The day would be less of one without him!

I like the patterns the river has made in the rock in this dry riverbed, all smooth and flowing downriver to the sea.

In the year 2008 we had a mega-flood, I saw cars floating downriver to the sea, I kid you not, so somewhere on the continental shelf is an underwater car park, keys in the ignition, but no car jockey´s there  I think!

Canon 50d, Canon 60mm EF-S, f/20,1/30 sec, ISO 100.


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