What´s in a Boot?

A foot, obviously!  And what´s the best boot to put a foot in?……A Chiruca! (Don´t take that last statement literally,they usually come in pairs).

More of this in a moment but first, it´s freakin´raining again, the mediteranean is supposed to be all sun  and blue skies. The weather folks say it´s going to be here ´til Friday….that´s almost a freakin´week! And guess what, I cant locate any of my wet weather gear, except for…my Chiruca boots, Halleluya!

These must be the best boots ever made, these images that you see above are not some namby-pamby running shoes, this is mountain boot stuff, boots of champions, you can wade a stream that´s 10cm deep without getting your feet wet…I kid you not!

Seriously though, these boots are the bee´s knee´s, they let no water in and are stylish, if you´re country folk! ( It probably would´nt work too well in an urban environment, I doubt if they´ll ever be featured in Pret-a-Porter)!

Still, it´s amazing how you could make something so basic and mundane look so damn sexy, right? Product photography is sooo cool. yeah right!  English readers will know the phrase “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit”….and this is what this is, pure sarcasm! Madre Mia, I do it everyday…it´s turning my brain to mush!

I should state that these images are my Chirucas, nothing to do with Chiruca´s official website. How could you have a product so cool, with a website so crap, you´d think with all the money they´ve got, they might come up with something a bit more dynamic  than this.

Canon EOS 50D, Canon EF-S 60mm, f/14, 2sec, ISO 400, Color Efex Pro Bi-Filter



9 thoughts on “What´s in a Boot?

    • The light source,believe it or not, was the LED torch on my mobile´phone the shot was a long exposure taken in my studio with all other light sources turned off.

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