Wiesbaden,Germany, December 2010


A year passes so quickly and soon the festive season will be upon us again. The 4th Sunday before Christmas is Advent, when Weihenachts Markt starts, how I wish I could be there for that this Christmas!

Silvii and Sophie fly out to Germany to see Oma and Opa on the 22nd of December but i´ll be manning the shop right up to Christmas Eve,and fly out on boxing day for just a couple of days before we all come back for the new year!

Such is life and recession demands a lot of us, i´ll be pretty much missing out on the snow/winter scenes photographically speaking this year which is a shame but maybe I can come up with something in the two days while I am there.

This photo is a bit of nostalgia for me because to the left of the pillars and out of shot, the ground was deep in snow and the fountains were all iced up and bitterly cold!

The festive season is almost upon us so much work to do, going through the last years archives to find some images for calenders and cards to be prepared befor the printing deadlines, and feverishly trying to find some Christmas Jazz tunes on Spotify  to play in the shop, because I will go mad listening to the songs of last 3 years!

Canon 50D, Canon 18-200mm@32mm, f/5.6, ISO 200

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