Husbands and Wedding Anniversaries

Men sometimes (or often) forget  their wedding anniversaries ( mine was a month ago) and Silvii is long suffering ,so this post is dedicated to all the wives who´s husbands suffer from a little bit of Amnesia, it´s not intentional , it´s just that we can´t get  our wedding rings off our  fingers  to check the date that´s inscribed on the inside.

Actually, we were married on the 26th October,  but Spain being what it is, lost all the documentation that we had presented before the wedding and only located it a month later,  so officially we were not married until the 26th November, the functionaries in the town hall begged us never to reveal this dark secret to the wider world and we went  through with the wedding on that date as family members  were coming over from all over Europe! The best laid plans of mice and men……I suppose!

10 years of marriage and a little cutie that is my daughter deserves something ,but all I can really give is my passion in the form of a photograph, perfume smells great but does´nt last long, flowers are great too but they also have a shelf life, photography is forever! It  say´s it all for me, I hope it does for Silvii.

This shot is of her favorite charm bracelet and Angel caller,(Angel callers have nothing to to do with religion or Christianity, they are Celtic) in the form of a heart,I love you Silvii!

Our Sophie takes after me from the creative side,music,art,photography,Karate Etc. but takes after Silvii from the business side (the Dark Arts). I hope she´s not going to be a hedge fund manager when she grows up! As an example, she has a loose tooth and is waiting for the “Raton Pere” roughly translated as “Peter Mouse” or in English the Tooth fairy, she said to me the other day “I hope Raton Pere leaves me € 100.00 under my pillow”……yeah right, I don´t think so! But you do have to admire her aspirations and I think I can negotiate down to about €5.00!


5 thoughts on “Husbands and Wedding Anniversaries

    • Yes David it´s a little bell,you shake it to call your Angel the people love it and they sell like hotcakes! I guess when people are are feeling the pinch any comfort is big comfort.

  1. Great story about the anniversary. Nice clean image. Funny about your daughter. Mine is also thinking of her teeth as a future investment and checks them every day waiting for the loose ones. She tells me what she will buy with each of them…and yeah…she also has far fetched hopes on their value.

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