Whoa, What Happened Here?

I was just mucking around with a very run of the mill “tales of the riverbank”  type shot taken about a year ago and playing with  Color Efex Pro´s Infrared B+W filter, when  this popped out of the screen. The circles were light glinting off the river O.K. but the long exposure type of effect is a new one on me, because it was´nt a long exposure  when I took the picture…very weird!

My Mother once said to me “Adrian, accidents happen, but happenings happen by accident” which to this day has completely baffled me, I have no idea what she was on about, but I might just apply this theory to this photo as i´m completely baffled by it!  It´s a bit Surrealist for me, Roger Vadim´s Barbarella, perhaps ! (the Swamp scene).


7 thoughts on “Whoa, What Happened Here?

  1. Perhaps you should be adding the original to this post so we can see the transition. The filter had an interesting impact on this image. Almost looks like clouds on the top left – I’m seeing this as a waterfall with dark sky behind. Pretty cool!

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