Harbour Lights-Monochrome Re-work

Boz Scaggs made a very moody song many years ago, called “The Harbour Lights”, this monochrome re-work is the Harbour Light´s for me, hence the title. The sky needs some work on my part-just can´t get it right, i´ve tried everything, any suggestions would be greatly  appreciated. I like this though, perhaps  i´ll make it a moody little print for my house wall!

We´re moving back to our  townhouse in the New Year, Lots of bare white walls so I have  an opportunity to cover them with Prints.


2 thoughts on “Harbour Lights-Monochrome Re-work

  1. The sky is probably getting blotchy from trying to extract data that just doesn’t exist. That is, maybe there were only a few different tones in the sky originally and as you’ve processed it, you’ve slightly extended it. The botches are then where the slight differences in tone were, but after extending them, those difference have become amplified. Just a theory. I’d try fixing it in one of two ways – first option: mask back in the original sky in B&W, second option: embrace the textures in the sky and consider applying more texture to the sky to really bring out a painterly feel.

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