Tumbling Clouds

We´ve  just got back from the family Sunday walk, timed just right, we started out at about a half-hour before Sundown. I think I got some interesting shot´s but I won´t know until later on as the batteries ran out at the last bit of failing light.

In most circumstances, running out of power for your camera while taking photographs would be embarrassing, not so in this case as I wanted to see how much battery time i would get before it  runs out.

Two weeks without charging, including Studio/Product photography in live view and shooting  everything  RAW….not bad! That means I can leave the charger at home when we go on short vacations, one less thing to lug around and a little more room in the slingshot (Lowepro)too!

Obviously, charging times are going to be longer but that´s what the sleeping hours are for, like defragging your computer or running virus scans, it gets done in downtime or more accurately, when you´ve got your head down, time!

So sunday´s little walk will have to wait….in the meantime, here´s a fairly recent one of Calpe, it´s got a bit of a Jurrasic Park feel to it for me or maybe the King Kong remake of a few years back….The Island!

Of ´course it,s not “The Island”, it´s the Peñon De Ifach in Calpe but hey, the power of imagination,right…….

Canon 50D, f/32, 1/50 sec, ISO 100, Canon EF-S 60mm, Tonal Mapping in Photomatix.


4 thoughts on “Tumbling Clouds

  1. Adrian, this is one of the best shots of your’s that I’ve seen – I can only say that it is >>>extremely<<< beautiful! The tilting rock with the tilting cloud on top, the orange and green wedge bottom right, that great sky top left, and finally the turquoise sea in front – this is one of the most beautiful pictures Ive seen for sometime! Adrian

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