Another shot from our Sunday walk, i don´t know who this shack belongs to, someone from the village, I presume, who´s a bit of a Magpie because he seems to be collecting some useless things.

I have a sneaking suspicion the collecting bit is a smokescreen for an illegal still. I figure it´s all happening  in the ash block building out back because out of shot are some ferocious, dangerous looking (and sounding) dogs on long lengths of chain that just reach the boundary of this property, so he´s trying to protect something of value.

On some occasions when we´ve been out celebrating with friends in the local bar or restaurant and after the doors have been closed to the public, the bar owner will bring out a hidden bottle of Arujo or Hierbas which is basically Hooch, Moonshine or whatever you want to call it. It´s Casera, (homemade) and just about every Spanish bar or restaurant here in the villages, have it hidden away somewhere, a gift to the locals, it is never paid for, always on the house!

It´s very high in alcohol and drunk like a Tequila shot, in a small glass, but without the foul taste that you get with a Tequilla. The area where we live is renowned for it´s hippy roots and I´m reliably informed there is a version of “Hierbas”  made from Marijuana!

My advice for drinking “Hierbas” is: it should´nt  be drunk more than 3 times…a year! The last time I had some was a couple of weeks ago, at a dear  friend´s  40th  birthday party. I was cajoled into trying her brother´s Arujo that he´s preparing for New Years Eve, just for purposes of an appraisal you understand….my tongue went numb for five minutes  and my brain shut down for about an hour, madre mia…i´m dreading New Years Eve!

Canon 50D, f/8, 1/40 sec. ISO 400, Sigma 70-300mm @ 70mm

On an unrelated note: I have just taken charge of some greetings cards I ordered from my Red Bubble for sale in the shop, (some twirls, remember them?), print quality good, packaged well, about a ten day turn around which ain´t bad and instant good reaction from our customers, definitely worth pursuing this line for me with a view to making a bit of pocket money!

4 thoughts on “Ramshackle

  1. That’s a well organized junk pile. When I was in the service, some of my marine buddies brought some of this stuff back to the states. I unfortunately missed out on the training deployments to Spain :(. Great composition and color.

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