Selective Colouring Exercise – Golden Globes

This image was taken in my mother´s garden earlier on in the year (I don´t know what she´s doing with Poppies in her back garden, better not ask!). I´d converted this image to Monochrome, so it seemed like a good candidate for some Selective Colouring. I have´nt spent too much time working on the colour for this as I have serious time constraints tonite, I have to be in bed early tonite and fresh as a daisy tomorrow as i´ve got to do a promotional Photoshoot with DJ Marky Maark tomorrow early and I want to get it right! (Photography and fuzzy heads are a bad mix).

Mike Moruzi´s tutorial over at Digital Darkroom Techniques blog is much less hassle than the way i´ve done this before, so i´ve learnt something today and I think I can apply this to a particular recent image i´ve taken that I  like but have´nt been able to get right, i´ll see how this technique pans out in the coming days.

If your an Elements user, the editor´s note under:  3.Start Colouring screenshot is important, you will need to use the “Overlay”  in blending mode, however all  is explained in the tutorial.

I will need more practice with this method but i´ll be definitely be using this technique in the future (maybe after tomorrow´s shoot in fact)!

This technique is 5-10 minutes duration, easy and produces great results, head on over to Digital Darkroom Techniques to see the full Tutorial.

7 thoughts on “Selective Colouring Exercise – Golden Globes

  1. That’s nice, Adrian >>> most selective colouring is rather gimmicky I find, but this works well, it adds something, rather than just being thrown in to see what effect it has. The background works well too. Good stuff! Adrian

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