When Dinosaurs ruled the Earth

This shot today was taken at one of our favorite spots, the Col De Rates, a cool Restaurant up there in the mountains i said to Silvii “ It must be a Little like this in Costa Rica” she said no it was´nt  (she spent time there ,however I have not) O.K then I said it´s a bit like “Jurrasic Park, she said no again, ( no must be the most used word in the English language)!  Then she said “ if you want to get a good shot you have to get really low, O.K  I did it, got mud on my clothes.(or rather got my clothes in the mud) I said “do you want to be my camera assistant” she said “yes”  So I gave her the camera so she  can wallow around  in the mud and i´ll trigger the remote- “ I think it´s time we went home” she said.

Me and Sophie love getting muddy, Silvii not!  As for the Dinosaurs, well , maybe we´ll find them next time we´re up here, me and Sophie,  and if we´re really lucky we get to bring a Brontasaurus leg home for dinner!

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