Moon Glow II-Sigma Lens and PSE

A rather run of the mill (and often taken) shot of last night´s Moon. The object of this exercise for me is not to produce some dramatic shot of the Moon, as it´s all been done before Ad Nauseam since photography was invented.

I did want to see what my Sigma DG 70-300mm and PSE could come up with though. This lens cost me about  €110.00 euros  a couple or three years back, on offer in London (obviously not a great seller) but that suited my budget both then and now. It is a little bit strange to use and without any kind of stabilization (the Giotto Tripod takes care of that) but a good lens for the price. It´s always in my bag, just in case, even if it adds to the overall weight of my equipment. ( A heavy and solidly made lens is that)!  My friend DJ Marky Maark, ( we did a promotional shoot last Friday, some pretty good images at the end of the day but that´s another story,to be dealt with sometime in the future) phoned me to alert me of the rising Moon (he lives way up top of a mountain, so sees all these things before any of us down here on the valley floor, so thanks to him for that).

Of course even with the Sigma, the moon is pretty small so I cropped in close and at 600ppi increased to 4000px in PSE,  not great but an interesting look at the moon for me, I never knew of these impact (I´m assuming that´s what they are) points on the surface, I wonder if they are  the loose bits from the Asteroid that hit the Earth and wiped out the Dinosaurs! (if indeed that actually happened)! It got me thinking, especially as I watched an old movie the other day…Deep Impact. And is that the Sea of Tranquility there on the moon´s surface or are all these features of a once active heavenly body that never quite made it to being a Planet. I read somewhere, that volcanic activity on Earth produced the ingredients  for life to exist, could the Moon have been a smaller but similar occurance that was just too far away  from the Sun´s influence to produce life?

In the New Year we move back to our townhouse in Sagra, It´s a big house on three floors with a roof terrace that gets 360 degrees views, Silvii said “you´re gonna love it the there, we´re not gonna see you because you´ll be on the roof  terrace with your camera and Tripod….she could be right, no light pollution there !  Astral Photography  here we come!

Canon 50D, f/15, 1/40 sec, ISO100, Sigma 70-300mm @238mm, spot metering. A little bit of tint with Color Efex Pro´s  glamour glow (I think).


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