The Caballo Verde from Col De Rates

This is another shot from our Sunday outing to the Restaurant  Col De Rates. We are right high atop the Col De Rates looking down to the Caballo Verde mountain range. At the base of the Caballo Verde are three villages, mostly  English expat (horrible word).

After David Cameron´s veto  in the European debate about European integration and fiscal policy ( and which he has managed to antagonise all of  his European partners). I have decided to add my 10 cents worth- it´s easy,  just clone the expats and their towns out! Much more  aesthetically pleasing

El Caballo Verde (Green Horse) Mountain Range in the Provence of Alicante, taken from the Col De Rates.

Cropped to  Panoramic, Canon 50D, f/7.1, 1/125 sec,  ISO 100, Canon EF-S  18-200mm @ 40mm  Cloning out the villages at base of mountain in PSE.


4 thoughts on “The Caballo Verde from Col De Rates

  1. I like the photo but some of your commentary might be considered uninformed and unnecessary! Through blogging I have learned not to criticise because careless comments can offend. Actually don’t like those ersatz ex-pat English communities myself and it was on a golfing holiday near Torrevieja that set me off on my search for the real Spain and travels to the authentic interior. Also – we don’t all support what Cameron did and a lot of us think he made a big mistake!

    • Andrew, i take your point and will re-edit my post. However, to put things a Little into perspective, we get Brit Eurosceptics mouthing off in our shop on a daily basis and listening to people telling us how stupid the Spanish or French or Germans are for half an hour is highly offensive to us and a uniquely British trait, none of our German,Dutch,French Etc. customers ever do it. reading the English newspapers or watching sky news presents us here with a distinctly xenophobic image of Britain that is something you only notice if you live outside of that country. It is an image that Britain itself presents to the wider world. The Brits I am talking about are not in themselves obnoxious but their views are and if they kept their views to themselves I would´nt be compelled to put my opposing views on a blog post. Of course there are many here that love living in Spain or indeed Europe (and don´t call themselves expats) with the many benefits that brings. I think generally they hold pretty much the same view as me, so at least i´m not in a minority of one! My blog is about life down here in Spain, Andrew, and the things that happen everyday. As a regular visitor to the U.K. from Spain these last 23 years I have seen what England has become and the old adage ”people in glass houses” springs to my mind, that really was the point I was trying to make. On a last note,Having said all that thanks for your input, it is valued!

  2. Thanks Adrian.

    Sadly I have to agree with you about some Brits that choose to live in a different country. I really didn’t like a lot of the people that I met on the depressing ex-pat complex that I visited in eastern Spain and I resolved never to go there or mix with them again but to spend my time in places where tourists rarely go. It is much the same thing in the Greek islands and I try to visit islands without airports or deep water ports because this is where the worst of British tourism ends up.

    My blogs? – well the previous employment ones were about specific events and were written with some actual people in mind so I don’t apologise for them. A couple of times over the last three years I have been picked up for inappropriate and ill-considered generalisations and I have mostly agreed with them and made amendments. The internet and the world of blogging is a great medium but we have to be aware that we all have a world wide audience and that is something truely awesome.

    I hope that I didn’t offend you – it wasn’t my intention!


    • I would never be offended by constructive critisicm Andrew, as i said i value all input! For me the European debate has become such an emotive issue with sceptics becoming so vocal as to drown out any rational debate. Someone has to stick up for the European idea for all its flaws!

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