Col De Rates


Another shot from the Col De Rates across the valley looking towards Tarbena, from our outing  Sunday last. I´d originally applied some Tonal Mapping  in Photomatix to the original colour image to give a bit of texture and colour  to it….it came out disgusting!  The weirdest,most unnatural looking landscape you´ve ever seen!  So I De-Saturated it totally but still some weird Maroon blotchy patches remained, so I completely de-Saturated in PSE.

Funny, i´d never thought of going for landscapes in monochrome until recently, if the image is right they work quite well, as fellow photobloggers  Adrian LewisSven Seebeck  and Andy Beel  aptly demonstrate.

Canon 50D, Canon EF-S 18-200mm @ 150mm, f/5.6, 1/125, ISO-200, Photomatix and PSE.


7 thoughts on “Col De Rates

  1. It is a strange landscape, with a vaguely ‘fantasy’ quality, but it’s a great image. I like the colour as it is, but I think Mike’s got an interesting suggesting about yellow/orange glow — could be good?

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