DJ Marky Maark-House DJ

One from last Friday´s photoshoot with DJ Marky Maark. We had a barrel of laughs doing these, Mark got down from the mountain on time,some people don´t show up for hours, by then the light/conditions  have changed Etc…… It´s intensely irritating, annoying  and disrespectful to the photographer and shows a complete lack of seriousness on their part. However, Mark  was right on the button except  he´d forgotten his shades, luckily the wife´s gift shop was about 50 meters away, so we found a suitable pair of sunglasses from the display (he still has´nt given them back, ha,ha) to create a more cool look. The shades actually made it more easy  for me, not having to focus on the eyes!

I liked the way the sunlight played out on the concrete background. I had to use the External flash to balance out the bright sunlight to camera left. The bright sunlight of Spain can be an advantage…or disadvantage, more disadvantage I would say, so i´ve always got the flash in my bag. A spare set of batteries is essential too, I only just got away with it this time…..almost run out of power, i´ve learnt my lesson!

I reckon this could be either the Album cover or the poster.

A Nice bit of nostalgia for me to see House music coming back in fashion, reminds me of those long weekends in Ibiza years ago!

Canon 50D,f/8, 1/60sec, ISO-100, Canon 18-200m@ 70mm, Giotto Tripod, External Flash E-TTL, Evaluative.

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