Patchwork Town:Bleidensdadt, Germany

Hi everyone, so 2012 is upon us and for me the number 12 has always had a more balanced feel than 2011!

I have a few (Photography) goals I would like to achieve in 2012, like everybody of course .Probably half or so are unachievable for me, (not for want of trying), so it´s a case of spending a week or so to prioritise the goals!

Of course at this point, I have absolutely no idea what the priority will be, so in the meantime i´ll be posting some shots of my very recent/very short trip to Germany .

This shot is of the town Bleidenstadt, where my in-laws live in Germany (close to Weisbaden),taken  from the surrounding hills (The Taunus Hills).

This is a pretty little town and as you can see, the houses are pretty uniform, you can´t really see a wall of satellite dishes, that´s because all the satellite dishes point skyward from the back of the houses! So from this point of view is quite aesthetically pleasing. Not much to do with German efficiency, more to do with the town´s place on the map. The houses are a bit like a patchwork quilt!

This town has a high proportion of people of Hungarian-German descent (like my wife), because Bad Schwalbach (the next Town) is where the railroad terminates and this was the end of the line from  Eastern to Western Europe.

After the collapse of Hitlers Germany and the Communisation of Hungary, those German-Hungarians who refused to change their German sounding names to Hungarian sounding names were exiled to Germany. My wife´s family name is in reality Kaszdorf-now changed to Kaesdorf, which roughly  translates as “Cheesetown” to those of you who are non-German speakers! (I can´t help smirking at the surname, even though we are the Harvey-Kaesdorf Clan)!

Photography details are as follows:

Canon 50D, f/8, 1/250sec, ISO 400, Focal 120mm, Sigma 70-300mm

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