Frankfurt airport

My  first goal of 2012 completed in record time! Pretty easy though, just a little bit of wordpress housekeeping, cutting out the dead wood and putting the stuff in the right boxes, it´s taken me all day though, you know how housekeeping always takes longer than you plan for!

Archiving 2011 has been quite an interesting experience for me, I can now see that I have developed over 2011, my own unique style of Photography, it may not be to everyone´s taste,it maybe to some,anyway  it´s like a signature or more like one´s DNA: not really what we would like to be, but it´s what we are, so we have to live with it (and of course it´s always changing, moving forward and positively charged-I hope)!

It really does´nt matter what your medium is, Writer, Photographer, Poet, Painter, the blogosphere is liberating in our world of uniformity. It´s a way of dipping into the minds and lives of everyone, that live on our lovely planet, the only planet that we´ve got, guess we better take care of it, if it is´nt too late!

Moving on: this image from Frankfurt Airport, I was struck by this weather, seemed to be shining down on the Flight equipment, of course the Sunbeams made landfall some 20 kilometres away but it looked good enough to Photograph and no-one gave me a hard time, in England security come down hard on you for taking photo´s, Spain is a little more laid back thankfully!

The aeroplane we travelled on was a DC9 about 25 or so years old, I made the sign of the cross before boarding and took this shot of  the chaos out there that Spain´s Barajas airport would not like you to see!

This ´plane takes a maximum of 112 people but it was converted to take 100 so loads of leg room and the smoothest take-off and landing you could  ever imagine!

Some more really aeriel photography to come-next post!


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