Aerial photography

I´ve always been extremeley self conscious about using my DSLR on a plane, however I thought i´d bite the bullet and give it a go, especially as i´ve always been fascinated by Aerial Photography. This shot is coming in on our approach to Barajas airport (Madrid) on this 25 or so year old DC9. Said aeroplane, only takes around 100 passengers and subsequently there´s loads of legroom. We´ve always travelled on Airbus and Boings (or is that Boeings) before, no legroom,more seats, the idea being to get as many behinds on seats as you can! The DC9 was the smoothest liftoff and landing i´ve ever experienced (a lighter  ´plane I guess) although I was a little apprehensive at first when I saw what we were flying  on, I was reminded of that old R.A.F/Battle of Britain saying  “Flying In, On A Wing And A Prayer”!

Now some people might wonder why on earth (or indeed above the Earth) I would want to take a picture of a Nuclear Power Station, the answer is this: how many of us get to see a Nuclear Power Station even from the ground let alone from the air! The way these cooling towers are discharging steam into the air and against this desertlike backdrop I thought was quite a powerful  image. Not great quality but what can you expect from seat 16F on a DC9!  I am not a great lover of Nuclear energy  simply because after years of being told it´s a safe alternative and after Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and latterly Fukishama, I suspect certain interested parties may employ some frugality with the truth- but then I am a natural sceptic!

This, I think is the Trillo Nuclear Power Plant in Trillo,Guadalajara, close to Madrid (It´s the only one close to Madrid). I had a distinct feeling we we´re flying within or around an exclusion zone as we skirted around it. These cooling Towers are so high and enormous they must be visible from Space and the shadow from the escaping steam must travel kilometers across the land!

I did some checking and this Plant came online in 1988, the DC9 we we´re flying on was produced in 1987 (MD-DC9_87)!

Canon 50D, f/16, 1/400sec,  ISO 400, Canon 18-200mm Lens @100mm


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