Aerial photography II

Another shot of our approach into Barajas Airport (Madrid) this is (according to Google Maps) part of the Embalse de Entrepeñas, Province of Guadalajara, Castille La Mancha, Spain. There was no way i could get any real detail SOOC, while shooting  thru the perspex window of an MDC9-87 so i´ve fallen back on the next best thing to create a little more drama: FX and Filters, the treatment with this was: CEP´s Photo Stylizer filter, some Tonal Mapping in photomatix and topped off with Topaz de-Noise. (yes, i know it sounds like some exotic culinary recipe)!  a little bit blue but that is what FX is all about!

I can´t wait for our next flight to wherever we go. If things go well this year i´m definately going to take a glider trip or maybe, a helicopter ride, i wonder what lens would be best for that, i must do some research, especially as Spain has come into the modern world and there are now plenty of lens hire companies around quite reasonably priced too!

Canon 50D, f/11, 1/250sec, ISO 100,Canon 18-200mm@50mm


8 thoughts on “Aerial photography II

  1. This must be a different approach into Madrid than I am used to flying from the UK which generally crosses the coast somewhere near Santander and flies due south over Castila y Leon with a nice final approach into Barajas.

  2. Great colour and textures. It would be really good to have the opportunity to hire a small plane to take you on an aerial photography flight — perhaps you can add it to your wishlist for next Christmas! Sean and I took a 5-minute helicopter ride a couple of months ago. Great fun, but quite pricey for such a short trip.

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