MDC9-87 @ Frankfurt Airport

The DC9 is too small to pull right up to the terminal building, those moving access tunnel things that keep you warm while boarding the plane just don´t fit on them! So it´s the bendy bus out on the runway, get to the ´plane and it´s everyone off the bus, stand in a line in the freezing Frankfurt cold, while various airport workers chuck your bags in the hold, if your bags got wheels on it that´s where it goes! If it´s on your back, no problem, you can take it on board (there is no way my Lowepro, full of gear is going into the belly of this beast)!
The Spanish, such a loveable crowd, have long conversations with complete strangers in the aisle while we´re waiting to get to our seats, if they´re not doing that they´re sitting in the wrong seats, getting their boarding cards out to check what their seat numbers are, then realising their boarding cards are in their bags in the overhead lockers, captain and crew getting increasingly more panicky, because if everyone´s not in their their seats and buckled up as of ten minutes ago, we´ll miss the slot and all have to go back to the terminal and start all over again about five hours in the future from now! In Frankfurt if you don´t leave on time, you don´t leave, full stop!
Anyone who knows Frankfurt Airport knows it was a major US Airforce base during the cold war days – some of the former US servicemen/women wordpress bloggers will know of it only too well i suspect, it´s massive, it takes ten minutes on the taxiway. ´planes coming in, ´planes going out, madre mia, like London´s Piccadilly Circus on a saturday afternoon!
We took of just in time, got the slot! Spain,Home and the Med here we come, just in time for New Years celebrations!
Canon 50D, f/29, 15sec, ISO100, Canon 18-200mm@ 50mm
Postscript: most of these airport/flight photo´s taken at 50mm, so why on earth did i leave my 50mm and 60mm lenses at home-what a dickhead i am,oops ´scuse my French, 2012 resolution: always keep your primes in your bag!


8 thoughts on “MDC9-87 @ Frankfurt Airport

  1. Great photo Adrian…the clarity and the lighting are perfect!!! It’s great that you were able to be on the tarmac…I’ve always wanted to get that close the jets. Well done!!!

  2. This is one of the best photos I have seen for some time, sharp as a sharp thing. There is something slightly odd about it (in a nice way), what did you do to it afterwards?

    • Mike your the only one who has noticed that! I cannot for the life of me explain what has happened here, the original´s sky was pitch black so i created a layer and adjusted the levels and sharpened a little, that´s all. These are the manual camera settings in RAW then converted to TIFF and JPEG ´ed for wordpress, i use these camera settings everyday but they´ve never come out like this before, i did nothing here out of the ordinary!
      I´m not a conspiracy theorist but i read an article somewhere that there is some technology that can remove or (block) data from appearing on a Digital camera´s Sensor-an airport, such as Frankfurt might be classed as a sensitive target.
      Whilst google mapping an earlier post of the Nuclear Plant Trillo, i found another installation closeby, not a Nuclear Power Station, but an installation, when i zoomed in, everything disappears and says there is no data to show!
      Could i send you the original RAW file to look at,Mike, it´s weird,there may´be a rational explanation and you may have an explanation for it but i can´t work it out! and i don´t want to press it! 10 out of 10 for noticing it!!!!

  3. As to the google map, I think that you can request of google to delete or mask something, you some times see it in google street view peoples faces fuzzed out. So I assume that governments can ask google to hide data for a sensitive site.
    I have never heard of anything that can block a digital camera, after all it is only natural light falling on a sensor, how could they block it.
    When I saw the photo I was surprised you were able to set up a tripod and take a picture without anyone trying to stop you. Normally photography at airports and so on is not allowed. You are welcome to send me the photo. I do very little post exposure adjustments, much same as you do, though I use Aperture and hardly ever Photoshop so I am not an expert.
    What ever happened it is a lovely picture.

    • I did´nt use a Tripod Mike it was handheld!i kid you not! and the sky was overcast grey not black,it looks to me like there is no data there. i had taken some images 1/2 hour before from the lounge with no discernable anomalies,and i made no setting changes while out on the Tarmac so perhaps it´s just one of those things. I´ll checkout the canon forums-see if anyone´s experienced this before, thanks for getting back to me!

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